I have been carrying around 2 cell phones for a few months now since we had Qwest wireless when we first moved to Washington 3 years ago due to the unlimited calls between each phone and our home phone. I also have T-Mobile for data and have 6 months remaining on that contract. I decided to switch my wife to T-Mobile now that number portability is in effect and we just had her phone activated with the new number yesterday. It took 10 days to get the number ported over to the new service. The problem now is that T-Mobile still does not work that great at my house and my wife needs to make long distance calls for her PartyLite candle business. I did find that Qwest offers unlimited long distance from your home phone for only $20 a month so I could still save $30 a month if I stuck with T-Mobile. Then again, my wife is leary of T-Mobile’s coverage and may want to go back to a Qwest cell phone. If I do take her back then I will just get one phone for her with lots of minutes and keep my T-Mobile phone. So now we need to test out T-Mobile’s coverage in areas she travels and see if it will work for us.

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