I have to tell you my life can be crazy at times:) I called to add the Qwest $20 unlimited long distance service and was told my DSL fees will be going down $4 per month and also some great wireless news. Qwest will be partnering with Sprint and Qwest wireless customers will soon be getting access to Sprint PCS wireless service. I heard reports that this service coverage is the best in the business and I am excited about the prospects. Thus, I am canceling my wife’s T-Mobile plan and going back to having just my service as I originally configured it. I will be sticking with T-Mobile on one phone because I have a 1 year obligation, but if the Sprint PCS/Qwest offerings look good I may finally be back to one carrier the middle of next year.

Now I get to see how number portability works going back to my Qwest service. Man, what a pain in the rear this has been. At least we get to keep the same number.

Sprint PCS is a CDMA technology, but I think their data service is extremely fast. I would like to see them support GSM phones with SIM cards so I could use multiple phones and that is the only downside of their service.

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