Shira at Waggener-Edstrom PR was kind enough to give me a Motorola MPx200 to review for Geek.com. I tried Joel’s first generation SPV before, but have to say my initial impressions of the MPx200 are that it is a GREAT device. I love the way the flip phone feels when I hold it to my head and talk on it more than the candy bar type of phone. I am really diving into the Smartphone to try and get at least a mini-review up on Geek.com before the end of the year.

I finished my YOPY 3700 review and gave it my worst rating ever. The device was extremely low quality and I was not impressed at all. I still have the Electrovaya Tablet PC and am writing this review up now. It is a very high quality unit and will probably get my highest rating.

I have been very busy packing my CES schedule and now have Thursday and Friday packed with interviews. It looks like I will be getting some review items (digital camera, magnetic wireless headset) so I may take an extra piece of luggage to pack it home. I plan on posting updates for Geek.com via my iPAQ 4350 or UX50 and will be traveling pretty light. There looks to be some very cool stuff down there and I can’t wait to take it all in.

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