The only PDA related item I received for Christmas was a $25 Fictionwise gift certificate, but my wife and family rarely get me PDA stuff anyways since I usually end up buying it myself with my PDA funds.

I did receive a cool touch screen laptop from Pen&Internet to evaluate their ritePen software. The laptop uses the Clivo T200 reference design and this specific model is sold by Eurocom as the T200V Convertible. I like the touch screen because it works like a large PDA and is more intuitive to me than a Tablet PC. The ritePen software allows for handwriting text entry like a Tablet, except all the letters are converted to text rather than having any left in your own handwriting. I love the fact that this device has integrated WiFi, a rotatable display, a 4-in-1 storage card reader, and a thin form factor. I get to review this unit for about a month and am seriously considering buying one for myself. I did a bit more research and found out this is the same laptop that is used by Element Computer for its Helium 2100 Linux Tablet device. I am using the T200 exclusively at home for writing sections of the book I am working on and all my other computing needs. It is great to take digital photos and quickly pop them right onto the computer with the SD card reader integrated into the laptop.

I still have the Electrovaya Tablet PC and it is a very high quality device, but I am just not a huge fan of the tablet only mode. I think it works well for some industries, but not for my uses. I like the option of using the full keyboard and that is why the T200 is better for me personally.

I couldn’t stand the crappy AT&T Wireless coverage, maximum of 2 bars anywhere I traveled, on my MPx200 so I spent the $14.95 and had the Smartphone unlocked. I then popped in my existing T-Mobile SIM and instantly was up to 4 bars in most locations. I have been using the MPx200 quite a bit over the holiday weekend and am really loving the device and what it can do. It is not designed as a PDA replacement and is designed as a phone first, but it is so powerful that it can replace a lot of PDA functions.

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