I finally made it down here to CES after fighting the crazy crowds at SeaTac due to the snowfall we had a couple days ago. I’ll be posting some brief information on Geek.com, but will probably go into more details here and provide a “personal” touch. Due to the flight delays, I unfortunately missed the Bill Gates keynote address and was bummed because I really wanted to hear it first hand. I read the coverage and see he focused on the “connected” home, SPOT, Smartphones, and some other initiatives in the consumer market.

I thought I could make it even though the flight was late and saw that the map showed it as about 3 blocks from my last shuttle bus stop. Then I started walking and after 20 minutes at a fast pace found I went about 1 and a half blocks. The hotels and buildings are incredibly massive here in Vegas and I am just blown away by their proportion. I think my family would definitely enjoy a trip down here sometime.

I did make it to the Digital Experience event at the Mirage. They have the white tigers in a glass cage in the hotel and some cool aquariums. I found I hadn’t RSVPed for the event so I waited in line to get authorized. I then was able to get in and later that night remembered that I did reply, but they told me I wasn’t qualified because I wasn’t full time press. Oh well, I crashed the party and got in:) It was great to meet about 15 people that I have been emailing with in the past for product reviews and news and put a name to a face. There were over 85 vendors there and it took me about 2 and a half hours to get around once and talk to people. I can’t imagine how long it will take me the next 3 days on the full floor.

One of the coolest pieces of hardware was the OQO ultra-portable computer that runs a full version of Windows XP in a handheld size device. The hardware was loaded up and running there at the booth and I was very impressed, although the $2,000 price tag knocks it out of my own consideration. I saw some Bluetooth headsets and a few other gadgets as well. A few software vendors were there and I was happy to see that TomTom is coming out with a Palm version of their outstanding navigation software. Handmark makes awesome software and is coming out with a new wireless services application in March that looks great! DataViz makes products for Pocket PC devices now and said they will be updating DocsToGo to support the UX50 and Zodiac displays. It was great fun and I just love meeting people face-to-face.

I am staying with Bill Landon and Harvey Lee from MaximumPDA at a TrendWest condo and we stayed up until about 2:30 am chatting. I’ll update you later on Thursday from the show floor.

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