I will post a ton of details of my CES trip later tonight, but in the meantime I wanted to post that I have decided to leave the Sony CLIE camp and ordered a Tapwave Zodiac last night. I saw these at CES and actually was all set to order a Tungsten T3, but the 128MB of RAM for the same price was too compelling. I never really use the CLIE Digital Video Recorder and am just a bit tired of the Memory Stick and want to standardize on the SD format.

I posted ads on ClieSource and PDAStreet, but will post elsewhere tonight to give people a chance to buy my gear before posting it up on ebay in a couple days. If you are interested in any of the following, please email me at ppcsolo@yahoo.com. I am selling it all for very reasonable (cheap) prices too.

CLIE UX50 with 2 year CompUSA TAP
Extended battery for CLIE UX50
SanDisk 512MB Memory Stick
Sony CLIE Digital Video Recorder

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