I have now been using the Zodiac for just about a week and have to say I am impressed with the hardware. It feels great in my hands and the button placement is great. It is handy having 2 SD slots at times to copy photos off my camera’s SD card onto the Zodiac’s SD card. The device is very responsive and everything easily zips around. I love playing Stuntcar Extreme and wish there were more games like this for the device. I also like playing my XCade games again, but sound is still missing. You do not get an email program with your purchase, which is a bit sad. However, I already purchased SnapperMail and it works in the full landscape mode on the Zodiac. Web browsing via Bluetooth is great and I am happy with many other applications included on the device. MyBible by Laridian also works in full screen mode along with Agendus.

I was disappointed to discover that DocumentsToGo 6 does not work in the full screen mode and I get an error when I try to use native Office files. I’ll have to try out QuickOffice to see if that works any better. I also am disappointed that I can’t use Fitaly or MessagEase input methods and am stuck with Grafitti 2 which I haven’t used before. I may get a Stowaway IR keyboard that I can use with multiple devices.

I am leaning towards keeping the device since the HUGE battery, 2 SD slots, large display, analog controller, and 128MB RAM are more compelling than other Palm models on the market. My real concerns are the lack of a community, lack of optimized games and applications, and no company history. However, I also used the Sidekick and was quite impressed with their products and company. I also like to cheer for the underdog and try out new gadgets.

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