I returned from Hawaii on Saturday and have to say that I continue to enjoy my iPAQ 4350. I was able to receive a great T-Mobile signal in Honolulu and was able to get my email downloaded on my Motorola MPx200. However, text input is tough on the Smartphone so I used the iPAQ to download emails, write them to my daughters, write up my daily news blurbs and check out sites. I also used the Tapwave Zodiac to download emails using the excellent SnapperMail program. Web browsing could be great on the Zodiac, but the browser is not that great and I actually could not access the Geek.com news administration site with it. I did do some writing using the Targus IR keyboard that I am reviewing and that worked well when the IR ports could be lined up. I was also able to use my work laptop connected to the Motorola MPx200 Smartphone via the USB cable. I have now been on two business trips recently and the Pocket PC and smartphone solution seemed to be the best. I could easily leave behind the laptop on my next trip:)

I received the new Tungsten T3 I bought off ebay on Saturday when I returned from Hawaii. I have to say after playing with it for about an hour that the Tapwave Zodiac 2 is a more compelling hardware platform and really ROCKS! I’ll keep the T3 for now so I can review the TomTom GPS solution in a couple weeks and some other T3 specific items. The T3 is well supported, but the Zodiac is more enjoyable. I love navigating around using the left analog controller and am excited about the future of this device.

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