I finally finished up writing my contributions for the Windows Mobile 2003 book, 7 chapters total, and now have to get back to catching up on my reviews. I have about 20 items pending and hate taking so long to review things for the developers and manufacturers. I haven’t asked for many items lately to review since my backlog is so long.

A great piece of software that I am reviewing has helped me keep track of my review status and is a refreshing way to organize my thoughts, projects, etc. MindManager X5 is a mind mapping software application that is extremely powerful. I am still using the Electrovaya Tablet PC that I reviewed and MindManager is awesome on a Tablet PC with pen input options built into the software.

Another amazing Pocket PC application that I am beta testing is PlanMaker from SoftMaker. PlanMaker is an Excel replacement application and is as powerful as TextMaker, the Word replacement. The beta has been pretty stable so far and has only had trouble with some large spreadsheets with integrated macros.

I have had the Tungsten T3 for about a week now, but really haven’t used it too much since I am extremely happy with the Tapwave Zodiac2. And just think I actually almost sent the Zodiac back during my 30 day return period. Boy, that would have been a mistake.

I have been visiting a couple of Sammy McLoughlin’s sites regularly the last couple of weeks and am hooked on how much information he and his team post daily. You can check out Palm Addict and Handheld Addict and see that there are some great contests available to readers.

Our church just had our simulcast kick off sermon last night for the 40 Days of Purpose campaign. If you haven’t heard of this it is the church program associated with the best selling book, The Purpose Driven Life, by Pastor Rick Warren. I am leading a small group on Monday nights and am looking forward to this excellent program. In typical Geek fashion, I have the Palm Reader ebook and the Audible book in addition to a hard copy. My only fear is that I will see I am spending too much time on PDA stuff:) Then again, I do review Christian software and my lifestyle may be a witness to others.

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