I bought a Tungsten T3 from ebay a couple weeks ago and haven’t done much with it since I bought it because I was happy with the Tapwave Zodiac. A couple days ago I decided to try using the T3 to really see what it was about and now I have to say that I am very impressed. Versamail works quite well for email and the WebPro browser is much better than the one on the Zodiac. The biggest issue I have with the Zodiac browser is that you cannot stop a page from loading once it starts. WebPro has also been very fast through the Bluetooth connection to my Nokia 3650. As a result of the T3 performance, I have actually gone back to using my Nokia 3650 primarily as a modem and put the Motorola MPx200 away for the times when I have the T3 with me. I wish I had a Smartphone with Bluetooth so I wouldn’t have to keep swapping SIM cards, but the one from Mobius that was promised to us still hasn’t arrived yet.

I hated the slider on the T3 at first, but actually am growing to like it because the T3 is very pocketable in the collapsed mode. The Zodiac is very ergonomically designed for landscape viewing, but is quite a large PDA and not very pocketable. Exideas also just released a Tungsten T3 version of MessagEase that works in both Portrait and Landscape modes, unlike the FitalyVirtual keyboard that only works in Portrait modes. I didn’t like inputting text on the Zodiac and the MessagEase ROCKS!

I am keeping the Zodiac for now since the 128MB RAM and multimedia is still awesome, but I can see why people love the T3 design.

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