My wife and I went to see The Passion of The Christ movie last night and I have to tell you that I was so exhausted from the emotional experience that I even missed my vanpool this morning. I have to say that my life will actually change as a result of this movie, which I have never said before after watching a movie. I have read about the punishment Jesus took to save all of us, but until you actually see what it was like it doesn’t really hit you.

I could barely watch the lashings that the Romans delivered to Jesus and each time they struck Him I felt a slash through my heart and could not stop crying. I wasn’t crying in anger at the Romans or the high priests, but at the pain and suffering that Jesus took to save my life and secure a place in Heaven for me. I am almost crying just writing this blog entry because of the vivid reality of the torture He suffered for everyone of us.

I have been voted in as the first elder of our new church and have been conducting the weekly communion service that last three weeks. I can tell you that my dialog will change this week and communion will NEVER be the same for me again. I don’t know if I will even be able to make it through communion this week with the images of Christ’s suffering running through my head.

I wish there was a message of salvation at the end of the movie for those viewers who are not Christians so they can have that opportunity and understand what the movie really means. I know I will personally be changing my attitude towards my wife and daughters and will pray that I no longer have a fear of rejection when the opportunity to speak out about Jesus arises. The movie makes you realize how shallow and petty our feelings of embarrassment or denial are when we could be making a stand for Jesus.

Our church is also going through Pastor Rick Warren’s 40 Days of Purpose (based on the Purpose Driven Life book) program and I am facilitating one of the small groups. This movie helps to force you to do a self evaluation about your life and fits in wonderfully with figuring out your purpose here on this earth.

I highly recommend you go see The Passion of The Christ, but don’t recommend taking children under about 12 to 14 due to the images of demons and satan. They are also probably not ready to see how much punishment Jesus suffered at the hands of the Romans.

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