I appreciate the comments on my last post and will now get back to my regularly schedule program:) As a result, I found a free site stat tracking program to use to see how many people actually check out my ramblings and may start another personal, theological blog for topics other than PDAs and gadgets.

I am typing this entry on the Targus Universal IR Keyboard with the Tungsten T3 while I am in my vanpool on the way home. I posted a question on PDAGeek regarding getting an iPod or a bigger SD card for my existing PDAs. I currently have a rather small music collection, but want to get back into music listening. A reader offered me a good deal on a 10GB model and I am close to closing the deal. The kicker is that I will be able to use the iPod drive as an external drive for my home and work computers. I will then be able to sell off my 512GB Viking CF card that is only used to carry files to and from work. Do you think the iPod is the smart way to go? Spring is here and I will get running again and think the iPod is a better solution than taking a PDA along.

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