I just can’t stop getting enough of this Tungsten T3 and am actually posting this blog entry, like my last one, from my vanpool using the IR keyboard, Tungsten T3, Nokia 3650 and FREE UNLIMITED T-Mobile data account. This WebPro browser is the only one I found that lets me access my blogs online entry form and so many other sites I thought I couldn’t get to. Microsoft really needs to improve the Pocket Internet Explorer to allow a better surfing experience. WebPro is very fast and actually beats the Zodiac’s NetFront based browser by about double the speed. Surfing and email are actually a real joy using this free GPRS data connection.

I meant to work on reviews the last couple of nights, but fell asleep with my daughters in my arms and have been getting some good sleep. I will work on some tonight and hope to get through a few that I have had in my queue for way too long.
I could probably have a site where I just write reviews on PDA and gadgets, but my life is too busy as it is. I would love to be working full time in PDA world since I have a real passion for them, but it would be tough to match the current pay and security of my engineering job.

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