Man, I am one weak individual and just could no longer resist the temptation to try a Handheld PC. Maybe it was easier thinking that it is my 35th birthday on Saturday so I needed a gift for myself:) Hal over at Used Handhelds.com gave me a deal on the NEC MobilePro 780 that I couldn’t pass up. I almost bought from a forum, but Hal has a great 30 day no questions asked guarantee and since I have never even held a Handheld PC I wasn’t willing to shell out too much that I couldn’t recover. I almost went for the more portable Jornada 680, but I think I would like something with a bigger keyboard. I don’t think I will be able to use a Bluetooth card with the device, but can try IR with my Nokia 3650.

I am holding a gadget brown bag demonstration at work on Thursday and think it will be fun to show off all my gear. Last time I did it we ended up buying several Jornada 568 devices and accessories.

I also received the Dick Tracy SPOT watch to review and absolutely love how geeky it is. It is large, but the cartoon faceplates are quite cool. My wife, who usually laughs off my geekiness, even said she thought it was cool.

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