I spent about an hour trying to get the NEC to connect to the internet via IR on my Nokia 3650 without luck and was ready to drop kick the device and send it back. If I can’t get wireless connectivity with my devices, then I will not keep them.

I then found there is a modem utility on the Nokia that has to be activated. I haven’t had to use this for my PDAs, but then again I connect them using Bluetooth. So I was able to get the NEC up and running and web browsing is a joy on the large display. Granted the display is not as crisp as my other current PDAs, but the size is very nice. I also have email up and running, although I can’t send right now for some reason and will try to match what is setup on my Pocket PC.

I now may keep this device because Hal gave me a great deal and typing my reviews on it may pay off since the keyboard is very comfortable to use. I may have to buy TextMaker for it and am disappointed that PlanMaker (the Excel substitute) will not be coming to this platform.

In other mobile device news, Mapopolis released a beta for Smartphones and my friend Peter already sent me a note asking how it performs. You see Peter loves Mapopolis and this program was one major sticking point for him joining the ranks of Smartphone owners. I have to say that the application is absolutely incredible and very useful. I still can’t believe how much power they packed into it and think it is equivalent, and maybe even better, than the Pocket PC version. One handed operation is a breeze and it even works with a GPS, although there is no Bluetooth Smartphones here in the US yet.

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