I probably will not be posting much to my blog for the next week since it is crunch time on the book Bill and I are working on with a deadline next week. I have put the Handheld PC aside and am finally sending the Electrovaya Tablet PC back (after a 4 month review period). I may be selling my Tapwave Zodiac because I rarely use it now with the Tungsten T3 and would like to get a Jornada 72x Handheld PC to serve as a laptop replacement and mobile review writing platform.

I did receive two very nice cases for my iPAQ 4350 and Tungsten T3 from Sena Cases and will be reviewing both for Geek.com. By the way, I realize I have now had my iPAQ 4350 for over 4 months which is quite a long time for me to keep one device. I think the only thing that can knock that out of my Pocket PC hand may be the Motorola MPx Phone Edition. I have to first see that funky curved keyboard in person before making that decision though.

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