I just said goodbye to my Tapwave Zodiac2 as I sent it off via FedEx to a buyer in California. I bought a Jornada 720 Handheld PC on Sunday and should get it in the mail tomorrow. I am quite excited to get this unit going since I tried an Orinoco WiFi card in the NEC 780 and it worked quite well. If the 720 works out I may get a Bluetooth CF card and get it going wireless. These Handheld PCs are a step back as far as the OS goes, but for mobile writing they are a step forward for me. NEC just released a new model based on CE .NET 4.2, but with the lack of any wireless features and a $900 price tag I don’t think it will do too well. They could have at least included integrated Bluetooth which only costs a few bucks.

I have one last chapter, although it is quite large, to finish for the Windows Mobile 2003 book and then have to write a Palm Expert Guide on calculators and catch up on some reviews. The TomTom Palm GPS and Sena Cases ones are the most urgent, but I then have about 15 others to do as well.

I just received word that my SPV E200 that was promised at Mobius 2003 is now in, but it seems that everyone who is around to send them out is off at CTIA or the Microsoft Developer’s Conference so it will be another week or so before it shows up. It will be interesting to see if it can knock the Nokia 3650 from my hands. I don’t use the Motorola MPx200 too much anymore since I love the Tungsten T3 for email and browsing. I am trying to convince my wife to take the MPx200, but she just isn’t that interested in my tech gear. My daughters on the other hand are always hounding me about stuff:)

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