I thought I was just about done with the book last week when I wrote my blog entry and was then asked to write 2 more chapters to get the book done by yesterday’s deadline. So I wrote a total of 14 chapters after initially thinking I was just going to help write the Bluetooth chapter back in December. So now I hope to be able to update my blog more regularly, until the next book:)

I received the Jornada 720 on Friday and love everything about it except the fact that the keyboard is a bit small. I love the keyboard on the NEC MobilePro 780, but it runs CE 2.11 on a non-ARM processor so I can’t get a Bluetooth card for it or run PlanMaker. I will be sending the 780 back to usedhandhelds.com for a refund. I would love to get a MobilePro 900 or 900c, but $800 to $900 is about double what I could afford after selling the Jornada 720. Most people would think buyers are crazy to pay that much for a Handheld PC, but I have to tell you the instant on and off functionality, the light weight (even the large NEC is much less than a laptop), and the use of flash memory with no moving drives make these devices very attractive to me. I’ll keep my eye out on ebay for a cheaper NEC 900 when the 900c devices hit the market. I am now a Handheld PC convert though and will be going to buy TextMaker soon. I used the trial version to write 3 chapters in the book and couldn’t believe it supported some of the rigid styles that Master Visually books require.

I went and picked up the E200 that Orange sent us Mobius attendees for our silence in keeping the NDA last year when WM2003 for Smartphones was announced. I am flashing the ROM to the latest and greatest as I write this entry. I like the form factor and it feels great in my hand, but I was unable to get it to connect to the internet with my Tungsten or iPAQ this morning. However, the ROM upgrade is supposed to add support for more Bluetooth devices so I am hopeful things will work out. I was able to pair everything, but the Tungsten requires that the device be known as a phone and the E200 showed up as unknown in the properties. I have some software to test out on the Smartphone and will next be hunting for a case I can use to clip it to my belt.

I also need to perform a hard reset of my iPAQ 4350 since it no longer will sync with any desktop computer. I tried a backup and hard reset, but it still wouldn’t go. I have been pushing it to the limits lately while trying out things to write the book and ensure I covered all my bases to help people master advanced topics and think something must have been corrupted. I am actually looking forward to a hard reset though since I need to get all my devices up and running how I want them anyway.

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