I just hard reset my iPAQ 4350 yesterday since it was no longer syncing with any computer after I pushed the limits attempting different things as I wrote the chapters of the WM2003 book. I am now only installing those apps that I use regularly and setting it up how I really want it running.

I am also figuring more out about the E200 and so far I am finding it is a nice improvement over the MPx200, but I already have a scratch on the screen from a credit card that was in my pocket. That is one reason I really like the clamshell form factor; built-in screen protection. The battery life doesn’t seem to be that great and can’t touch the life I have seen on the Nokia 3650. I will do some more timed testing for my review.

I am still liking my T3, but I haven’t yet figured out how to connect it to my T-Mobile data service with the E200. I simply removed the custom script on the iPAQ, but I haven’t found out the correct script for the T3 yet. I have been reading Palm Addict quite a bit lately and they have been talking a lot about the CLIE UX50. This talk has really got me missing that device. I rarely regret selling a device and moving on, but that great keyboard, small flip form factor, and integrated wireless really was awesome and I shouldn’t have sold it. I like the T3, but would rather have a keyboard back. So I may be selling the T3 after all since I see they have UX40s at CompUSA for $300 after rebate. I only use WiFi at home and have enough other devices to use that at home. Bluetooth is included in the UX40 and the colors look cooler:) I was kind of swayed to the T3 by seeing the TomTom GPS solution, which is incredible, but not worth having a device to run it on. I should try to hold out for a Palm OS 6 UX design and may end up doing that instead, who knows.

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