I have decided to wait to see a Palm OS 6 (Cobalt) device before making another Palm Powered device purchase or upgrade. I am happy with my Tungsten T3 and have more than enough to play with since I have the iPAQ 4350 and Jornada 720, as well as the new SPV E200 Smartphone. I received a gift certificate from Amazon and used that to purchase a Socket Bluetooth CF card for the Jornada 720 so I will attempt to connect via the SPV E200 when that gets in.

My iPAQ 4350 is running great now that I performed a hard reset and only loaded those apps I use regularly. At one time I had about 60 apps loaded on it for testing, etc. and slimmed that down to about 15 right now. I just received another 256MB SD card so I have one for my Palm, Pocket PC, and Smartphone. This one is a Viking model that had a $15 rebate so it only cost $45. I have had a 512MB Viking CF card and have been very pleased with Viking products in the past.

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