My buddy Peter just pointed out that I haven’t updated my blog since Monday and asked if I was still swamped with the WM 2003 book. I am pleased to say that we are basically done with the book and there may only be a few more final edits left. I’ll let you know when it is actually available online or in stores. I don’t receive anymore compensation for each title sold so don’t feel any pressue to buy it or anything:)

I am going to try to find a solution for posting via my Bluetooth phones so I can keep my blog updated more often and will attempt to update at least every couple days. I have plans to improve my blog sometime so I can get some photos and a better layout up and running, but now that my oldest two daughters and wife have started softball my time is again limited as always.

I have been falling back in love with my iPAQ 4350 now that it connects easily with the SPV E200 and have been posting more on the great iPaq HQ website. I like this site because it is focused on only iPAQ devices and the owner, Chris, is a great guy. I am actually working on a review of the 4350 that is more extensive than my mini-review I posted on Geek.com.

Needless to say, the Tungsten T3 has been sitting quite idle in my pack and although I really like it, the thumb keyboard of the 4350 keeps pulling me back. I also received a Socket Bluetooth CF card for my Jornada 720, but still haven’t gotten it working with my SPV E200. It works great with the Nokia 3650 though. I also found a beta driver for the Targus IR Keyboard and Nokia 3650 and am searching for one for the SPV E200.

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