A month or so ago I posted some thoughts I had about The Passion of the Christ movie and received some comments that people would like to see these thoughts in a separate blog or format. I considered that, but you know what, this blog is just a personal ramblings site of my life with PDAs and other activities and I don’t have the time to post to yet another site. I changed the site title to something that includes my daily life and not just PDAs.

You know I went all weekend without using a PDA and this morning as I was driving the vanpool into work I had a chance to reflect on the importance of PDAs in my life. I could easily get back with just a smartphone, even the Nokia 3650, in my work and daily life and the only reason I really use the other devices is because I am personally fascinated by them and thoroughly enjoy playing with portable computers and gadgets. PDAs and smartphones can serve a real need in many people’s lives, but they can also be a time sink and take away from other more important things in our lives. I may not be as anxious to keep updating my devices since I am currently very happy with what I have and my PDA fund is running dry.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday yesterday. This is the most important holiday for Christians since it celebrates the fact that Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days just as it was prophesied in Isaiah and signifies that He went to the cross to take all the sins of the world upon His shoulders and offer us the free gift of salvation. It was great to see The Passion of the Christ number one in the box offices again too and I hope this movie keeps on doing well since I have found it opens up communication lines to discuss Jesus with many other people.

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