It looks like I may have finally convinced my wife to try the Motorola MPx200 Smartphone. I tried giving her my old Pocket PC and Palm devices in the past, but she just didn’t want to take any time to learn how to really use them and gave up after a few days. A few days ago she saw me talking with the Logitech Bluetooth headset and the E200 and said she wanted a wireless headset. I told her she could use the Nokia 3650 with the Logitech, but she doesn’t really like the 3650. I then showed her how to use the foneGEAR wireless headset with the Motorola MPx200 and she has had it for a couple days now. I also showed her how she can check her email, sync an Outlook calendar, quickly dial her contacts by using the keypad to spell their names, etc. I have to keep a close eye on her though since she tends to take on too many tasks at once and leaves things lying around and I stressed how she cannot lose this MPx200. We’ll see if I have finally converted my wife to being a Geek wife or is she will go back to her basic $20 T-Mobile phone.

I posted an article on PDAGeek linking to a MoDaCo thread where someone posted an email from Motorola regarding the MPx220. I personally prefer the MPx200 form factor over the E200 and would love to replace the E200 with a MPx220 and hope the device really will be released. It makes sense since it is basically a MPx200 with the newer OS, Bluetooth, and a camera. I am trying to make better use of my phone’s cameras and keep my TextAmerica photo blog updated with photos of my life and hope to add some from my daughter’s softball and shots of where I live, work, and play.

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