As I posted earlier, I bought a NEC MobilePro 900 off of ebay on Monday and was hoping to have it by Thursday. I just received a note from the seller that he couldn’t get to the Post Office so he sent it via UPS Ground. Now I have to wait another full week to receive and am not happy about that. I think many of us PDA geeks are impatient when it comes to new devices, but 10 days to receive a $600 ebay pruchase is a bit long in my opinion. The auction has a 3 day satisfaction guarantee and I sincerely hope it is in like new condition as the seller stated.

I am posting this from my Jornada 720 and Nokia 3650 since I still can’t get a connection through the E200. I can only get a connection with my iPAQ 4350, thus I keep using the 3650. I also have not been able to get a Bluetooth headset to work with the E200. The device is pretty nice, but I prefer the Motorola MPx200 form factor and the ease of use of the Nokia 3650. I am still amazed that the Nokia was free after rebates from Amazon.

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