You can see by my list of past PDAs and my present iPAQ 4350 that I am quite the HP and iPAQ fan. As a result, I am now serving as a moderator over at iPAQ HQ and am also writing up a couple of reviews that may be posted soon. This site was started by Chris Leckness of Aximsite.com fame and is designed to provide an iPAQ focused resource for users. I love sites that focus on a single device since there are many features and issues related to specific devices. Aximsite has grown to be a huge resource for Dell Axim owners and I hope that iPAQ HQ grows as well. Check it out when you have a chance.

I am still wiped out with a weird body flu, but my wife was holding PartyLite candle parties all day so I had to run my girls around to their ball games after having a quick breakfast with our other church leaders. Tomorrow is the last day at our current building and then our church is going mobile until we find a new home so things will be busy with that soon.

By the way, my wife is still using the Motorola MPx200 Smartphone and is actually liking it for the phone aspects as well as the calendar that she syncs at home with Outlook. I also trained her this morning on using the Tungsten T3 and TomTom Navigator kit and she called me to say it was AWESOME. It looks like I may have lost my T3, but then again I have gained another PDA convert:)

I was thinking about getting a UX40 or UX50 for myself again since I love those devices and messed up when I didn’t buy a brand new UX50 for $400 on ebay yesterday. I waited to decide and by then it was gone. Oh well, I really need to try to hold out for a OS 6 device anyways.

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