It is almost time to send back the TomTom Navigator for Palm kit that I have been testing out and I have been debating about buying my wife the kit and giving here my T3 since she really could use a GPS system. Then she asked why she just can’t use GPS on the E200 when I give it to her and bang it hit me, she can with the new Mapopolis and my existing Bluetooth GPS kit. I don’t use it myself much for my daily commute and she would only use it 2-3 times a week in the evening to get to her parties so I think we’ll try that route and save money on buying the TomTom kit.

My XDA/MDA II should arrive tomorrow and then I’ll transistion her to the E200. I found the email about the MPx200 and I’ll see if the person wants to buy it and if not I’ll put up an ad for only $215 for the package. I see they are going between $215 and $270 for used MPx200 devices that are SIM unlocked like mine.

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