My daughter was very happy and surprised with the iPod mini that I gave her last night and particularly enjoyed the personal etching that Apple did on the back of the device. This was the first time I actually saw one of these in person and was amazed by the small size of the device and almost wish I would have held out for one of them instead of buying the 10GB model since my collection is actually quite small.

I also received the excellent MDA II last night and was not able to charge it up since we lost power for about 4 hours due to some severe winds whipping through the area. My daughter’s excitement for the iPod also had to be subdued for a couple hours until we could get her hooked up. Anyway, the MDA II seems like it will fit my use very well and has a whopping 128MB of RAM, 14.6MB of accessible ROM, and another 16MB of extended ROM available to the user. I now am able to check my email and browse without carrying two devices. You know compared to the SPV E200, it really isn’t that big since the E200 is thicker and about the same in weight. The larger display of the MDA II sure is nice though. I have to go load up the device with my software and get it running now.

I should get my NEC MobilePro 900 tonight as well and am excited about having a mobile writing platform. I plan on using this around the house as well with a PC WiFi card since the MDA II does not have integrated WiFi. I can always add a SD WiFi card later, but I only use WiFi at home so it is not a priority.

I have to now get selling my Jornada 720 and iPAQ 4350 to pay for all this new gear. I really hate to give up the 4350, but I can’t keep every device and it is really redundant with the MDA II.

I talked with Peter this morning about his impressions of the Motorola MPx last night and the device wasn’t even charged or functional so there really wasn’t much to see. Thank God I didn’t take my daughter there for her birthday evening:) He did get to hold it, but it looks like the MDA II may be the best solution for me for a while. Yeah, you all know how long I can keep a device, right?

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