I wasn’t really sure I wanted to sell my iPAQ 4350 because it is a great Pocket PC, but I have a policy of not having to use my family funds to support my habit and was about $200 short so I had to let it go. Derek from DevBuzz.com bought it from me along with two great cases and since he is a fellow Mobius attendee I gave him a nice deal.

My MPx200 is just waiting for payment and then I only have to sell the Jornada 720 to get back to breaking even with all my new deals and device switching. I just recommend that a guy here at work buy the MPx200 since he wants to stay with AT&T. I also told him to take a look at the Treo 600 since that is a very nice smartphone as well. These two came down head-to-head recently on CNET.com and the Treo 600 beat the MPx200 in the end.

I received the NEC MobilePro 900 last night and the seller wasn’t kidding when he said it was in like new condition. It came boxed with everything and looks like he may have put 5 hours on it max. I was able to save $300 by buying it used like this and couldn’t be happier. The only flaw in it is that NEC still hasn’t updated the display resolution, but then again battery life is supposed to be excellent so that may be the driving force. I plan on using the 900 as my laptop replacement and mobile writing platform for reviews, etc. and when traveling on business. I am putting some applications on it and then have to test out Bluetooth connectivity and go buy TextMaker for it.

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