MPx200 available for sale

The prospective buyer who wanted my Motorola MPx200 backed out because he uses a Mac and wasn’t happy with the new PocketMac Smartphone software’s functionality. If any readers are interested in this device, please email me at to discuss.

I am also talking with someone about my Jornada 720. If you are interested in that device, also feel free to email me. I have had the NEC 900 for a couple of days now and am happy with it, but do not see a huge improvement in the processor speed and the display still isn’t that great. However, the keyboard is awesome and the memory capacity is great (64MB RAM and 32MB of usable ROM). It works via Bluetooth to my Nokia 3650, but I haven’t gotten it working with the MDA II yet.

I am loving the MDA II and will write more about that soon. I am a bit sad that I sent my iPAQ 4350 off yesterday and will miss that device.

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