NEC 900 vs. Jornada 720

When I bought the NEC 900 on ebay I paid about $50 to $75 more than what a few other devices were going for because the seller offered a 3 day risk-free trial period. I wanted so badly to love the 900 due to the reasons I mentioned earlier; larger keyboard, large memory capacity, and faster processor. I received it and was quite impressed. I then was talking with someone about buying my Jornada 720 and did a side-by-side comparison with the 900. This resulted in me deciding to return the 900 and keep the Jornada 720. The 720 is snappier even though it has an Intel ARM 206Mhz processor vs. the 400 MHz XScale in the 900. This reminds me of when the first 400MHz Pocket PCs came out and were slower than the 206MHz models. Also, the 720 display is much crisper and a bit brighter. The 900 touch panel is also not very sensitive and required a few taps to register on the display.

I recently bought a new external keyboard for the Jornada 720 and it is an outstanding accessory that lets me type to my hearts content and also adds some cool functions to let you navigate the 720 quickly. I also picked up some new extended batteries that last 3 times the standard battery. As a result of this comparison, I am sending the 900 back to the seller for a full refund and will keep the 720.

By the way, I have 2 BRAND NEW in the box Jornada 720 extended batteries left and will sell them to anyone who wants them for $115 each. I ship worldwide and only charge actual shipping costs.

I am also falling deeply in love (as much as you can with an inanimate object 🙂 with the MDA II device. It is a wonderful mobile phone and a great Pocket PC with tons of memory and a nice design. The only thing I miss is more hardware buttons, but I am evaluating some software to help make launching applications easier.

My Tungsten T3 has been relegated to a GPS only device for my wife’s PartyLite use and my SPV E200 is only being used to evaluate software at this time. I still have the MPx200 available for $205 and will probably put it up on ebay later this week if I don’t get any takers soon.

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