Book status, MPx memory use, Smartphone status, MDA II use

I had some more author review edits to make on the Windows Mobile 2003 book and am trying to come up with some more pieces to include in the book since it is a bit under the page count the publisher desires. I also finally finished up a couple of reviews and am trying to crank through some others. There will be a review posted on PDAGeek on May 11th for a software application that I think may be one of my new most vital apps and have it installed into ROM.

Speaking of ROM, I read that the MPx will have 64MB of Flash ROM and 32MB of RAM. The ROM will be used to install applications and keep user data (Storage) and the RAM will be used for running applications (Program). Unlike most devices, you will be able to use all 64MB of ROM and I personally think this is a better way to manage memory because then if you perform a hard reset then nothing should really be lost or require a backup. Now, you pretty much lose everything you have on your device that is not stored on an external storage card. I love the fact that I have 128MB of RAM and 30.5MB of ROM accessible for my use on the MDA II and would like to see other manufacturers follow Motorola’s lead and include more ROM on devices.

I indicated in my previous posting that my SPV E200 is primarily being used for software evaluation and wanted to add a bit more to that thought. My plan was to give my wife the E200 for phone and GPS use. However, she is often on the phone making calls while in the car and thus it would be tough to use GPS at the same time. Also, I have been trying to get her to use Outlook and take advantage of some of the functionality of the Smartphone, but she isn’t really into spending the time to learn about it yet. Also, she is known to lay her phone and keys down at random places and already lost the MPx200 a couple of times for several hours. I don’t want to risk losing this wonderful Smartphone so I cancelled the plans to transition her to it. I gave her back her $20 phone and she doesn’t even really notice a difference. I do have the Tungsten T3 setup with my Bluetooth GPS to provide a great navigation solution for her that she does really appreciate.

It was also great to see Astraware and PDAmill both release some great new games for the Microsoft Smartphone platform, but I haven’t yet had a chance to check them out.

I have zeroed out my balance of items being bought and sold and it looks like I will have a couple hundred dollars profit that I am going to save for a Palm OS 6 device or Windows Mobile Second Edition device. I would like to see the MPx live to see if that is a feasible alternative to the MDA II because I am really liking this converged device. The phone features on the MDA II are awesome and it is so convenient to carry around one device with me where ever I go. It really is not too big either and I have been just holding it up to my ear and using it that way for 95% of the calls.

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