Solving the PDA to Groupwise syncing issue

Our company uses Novell servers and currently runs the free Pegasus email system. Most of us have a strong dislike for Pegasus due to its limited functionality and email only interface. Most of us with PDAs, that number is also growing, use Outlook for our calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts. We are moving to Groupwise in a week or so and I have been asked to figure out a solution for syncing PDAs to Groupwise and have been beta testing for about a week.
I first discovered Nexic Synchronis from the Novell guys and they do have clients for Palm and Pocket PC (beta version only right now). I tried it out and it did sync things, but it uses a totally separate PDA application and database so nothing in my current PIM database would transfer. The PDA interface is also a bit limited and they do not support Smartphones so I dropped this candidate. We have people moving to Microsoft Smartphones now so it is important to get something that works with them as well.
I then tried Intellisync because I knew they were well established and worked with multiple platforms. They also just added the ability to work with Smartphones. However, after testing this out with multiple people’s PDAs we could not get the Calendars to ever sync. It would start working and then Intellisync would just quit. They charge big bucks for support and cost $70 per license so I dropped this one too.
During my hunt for a resolution to the calendar issues, I found PortaMail from Quartz Development on the forums. After installing it on my desktop, I was able to get everything synced smoothly in about 5 minutes, including setting up the conduits. They have full Palm and Pocket PC version and an Alpha of a Smartphone version. I need to still test the Smartphone solution, but it is looking great for PortaMail so far!
I am also getting used to Groupwise and look forward to using it for our daily email and PIM application. It is a significant improvement over Pegasus and eliminates all of the progams others have installed as well as making the office a bit more functional with global scheduling.
  1. #1 by Anonymous on May 12, 2004 - 02:52

    Yo Matt,
    Slick new style on the Blog.
    Robert in Houston

  2. #2 by Anonymous on June 22, 2004 - 21:28

    PortaMail 6.5 now in Release, this will synchronize in the same manner as the original version of PortaMail but will now synchronize the additional GroupWise 6.5 contact fields, including both Home and Business Addresses, All 3 PocketPC Email Addresses, Web Address and more. Feel free to download a trial copy from Quartz Development website.


    Quartz Development Team.

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