Updates should be coming soon

I meant to update my blog more this week, but have been swamped with ball games and trying to get some reviews done. I like the desktop layout of the blog, with the exception of the two pics I added, but the mobile PDA format is horrible so I am trying to figure this out too. If you have any tips, feel free to send them my way.

I reviewed the new Spb Pocket Plus 2.0 and have to say it is very impressive and my favorite utility on my device. They added a ton of features and it is worth the $15.

Now that I am using the MDA II I have been trying to find an Instant Messenger client that would allow me to use port 80 since I get T-Mobile data for free using the WAP conduits. I found and am now reviewing IM+ and have to say it is pretty dang cool. I can now chat with my friends and family on my MDA II and they don’t even know I am on a mobile device. The only issue is MSN Messenger doesn’t work because it can’t use port 80 so I switched my wife to Yahoo Messenger since she uses Yahoo email anyway.

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