Dell releases Axim X30 and new iPAQ models may be coming soon

I have meant to update my blog more often and also to get the format down, but I have been swamped at work trying to analyze the stability for an offshore platform being moved over from Russia to Korea. It is a very interesting project and one that helps me realize that naval architecture can be fun again.

Anyways, there has been some BIG news in the Pocket PC world the last couple of days with the revelation of the HP iPAQ roadmap over at Brighthand and iPAQabilities along with the release of the three models of the Dell Axim X30. The High model X30 entices me at only $349 for a 624 Mhz processor, WM2003 Second Edition, and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. However, the upcoming iPAQ hx4700 with 4 inch 640×480 display, 128MB RAM, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, and dual CF and SD slots looks even better. It will probably be priced at $500 or $550, but man what a great list of specs.

I am loving my MDA II and realistically probably should not buy any new device, but then again you know that is not my nature with PDAs:) Having a Phone Edition has made my load much lighter though and I may just stick with this device. A new beta ROM is out for the XDA/MDA II and I have been considering an attempt to upgrade, but I think I will wait until more guinea pigs give it a try first since I don’t want to screw it up since there is no warranty or anything on the device and I really am enjoying it.

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