Sammy posted a link to my blog

My fairly new online buddy, Sammy McLoughlin, just posted a couple of notes on his two awesome sites talking about this little blog of mine. I am honored he did so and also a bit embarrassed because I really haven’t had time to get the new format down how I like it yet. Sammy runs Handheld Addict and Palm Addict and I visit them several times each day and highly recommend them to you as well. I need to get my photos working correctly, get the format looking good on Macs with Safari, get the blog working better on mobile devices, and may also include some photos in my blog.

I would like to get onto a regular schedule of posting thoughts, but I am so busy with my girls, work, reviews, and book writing that I have to make a better effort at doing so. I am taking my two oldest daughters to a Seattle fitness fair and then the Seattle Storm WNBA game today and am trying to squeeze in a mini-review after making this post.

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