New review items on the way, including iBiz Virtual Keyboard

I am pretty excited about what may be coming my way soon to review, the long awaited iBiz Virtual Keyboard that uses IR and laser projection for entry into PDAs. I am curious to see if it will work with my MDA II or not, but it should at least work with my Tungsten T3 with Universal Palm Connector. My daughter saw this after my CES 2004 write-up and asks me if the review unit is shipping at least once a week.

I also should be getting a Bluetooth keyboard in June to review from ENR Tech. Think Outside also announced their version would be out in June and I am trying to get a review unit for them too.

My buddy, Chris Leckness, from Aximsite and iPAQ HQ also hooked me up with a new Dell contact and I will be getting a review unit of the Dell Axim X30 in early June. This unit sells for only $349 and includes a 624Mhz processor, SD, WiFi, Bluetooth, and WM2003 Second Edition. HP is going to have a tough time competing with this price, but they have 7 devices scheduled for the rest of this year that should meet many user’s needs and desires.

I wrote one mini-review this weekend and have to really crank on some others before all this new gear starts rolling out. I wish I could spend even more time reviewing items, but I still have one chapter plus some other sections of the book to finish up this week.

We are also preparing for our first family camping trip this summer and will be going to Soap Lake, Washington this weekend. It will be interesting to see if I get a T-Mobile signal there, but then again the city is not too far off I-90. I spent 4 hours cleaning and prepping our trailer yesterday. I just wish gas prices weren’t so dang high because it makes these trips fairly expensive.

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