Fixed UX50 shortcut issue, now do I use two devices or stay with one?

You knew I was going to solve the UX50 issue with the rogue shortcuts and programs, right? Thanks to some forum members over at the UX board I discovered that these apps may be hidden in the Internal Media area and then I needed to use McFile or FileZ to change the shortcuts attributes so that they were no longer Read Only. I then let my battery drain down to zero and let it sit for an hour plus before recharging it back up and then performing another hard reset. The UX50 is beautiful and clean now so I have to go fill it up with my favorite applications like Documents To Go, SnapperMail, Warfare Incorporated, and others.

Now should I go back to a two device solution with the UX50 and SPV E200 or Nokia 3650 or should I stick with the MDA II converged device. I have been using and loving the MDA II now for about a month so I may give the two device solution another try again with the UX50. I do like using WiFi with the UX50 since this baby is so dang portable and durable.

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