UX50 has arrived, but no keyboard or Axim yet

A PDAGeek reader offered me a great deal on a used UX50 and extended battery that I just couldn’t pass up since I really miss that device and with no more new CLIEs coming out my hope for a UX60 was dashed. I just received the unit yesterday and realize why I loved it so much. The only issue I have with this unit is a couple of shortcuts to apps that cannot be removed and force me to soft reset if I tap them. I am researching a solution to this now and will then load up the device with apps I use regularly. This really is my favorite Palm Powered device and would be awesome if it had phone capabilities.

I still haven’t received the iBiz keyboard even though I received two e-mails almost two weeks ago telling me it shipped. They must be using horseback to deliver them:)

I finished 4 new chapters in the book after about 5 hours of total sleep over the weekend and have 1 more left to go (on the Phone Edition devices). I need to finish that tonight to meet our approaching deadline to ensure the book is published by mid-August.

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