Cat in the tree again and UX50 warranty problem

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you that my cat again took off and went up another large tree. She was gone for 2 and a half days this time when I decided to go looking and I found her 65 to 70 feet up a huge cedar tree. I grabbed gloves and jeans this time so I didn’t get cut up, but I will have to grab my digital camera next time as proof of how high I am climbing to fetch her. She is an avid hunter and I believe she may have been chasing squirrels to get up this high. She was actually nestled in a squirrel’s nest this time and yes, she is still pregnant. However, if she keeps going a couple days without food or water I don’t know how healthy they will be. We will again try to keep her secured inside, but it is tough when the garage serves as the main entrance and exit from our house.

I should hopefully get the Dell Axim X30 to review today. I am scheduled to give a demo at next Tuesday’s PSHUG meeting. I think iBiz is having problems with the Virtual Keyboard since I still haven’t received the review unit and the PR contacts haven’t returned any of my calls or emails. I did see a couple of review of the Think Outside Bluetooth keyboards, but think I may just get a IR one from Think Outside at half the cost and less hassle with setup and Bluetooth stack issues.

I haven’t written yet about the major issue I am having with my UX-50. This unit has a very loud screen whine and I cannot read it in bed at night without disturbing my wife or use it in a quiet environment without going nuts from the sound. My first UX50 did not have this issue and I read that some people on have had it fixed with a Sony screen repair. I called Sony customer service and they told me you need an original retail receipt to get warranty coverage. I tried a couple of reps with the same answer and then went to my Sony PR contact to get the straight story on this. I expect a response today and have a rant blurb all written up for PDAGeek if the issue is not resolved. Luckily, the seller has agreed to take it back if Sony will not fix the defect. Timothy is a farmer who hasn’t used the device for a couple of months and he said he is a bit hard of hearing from all the years on a tractor so he didn’t notice the screen whine. He is truly a gentlemen for honoring his word about the trial period with the device and it is refreshing to see there are still good honest people in this world.

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