Axim X30 here, UX50 issue resolved, camping weekend coming

I just received an email that the Dell Axim X30 review sample arrived via FedEx at my house today and I can’t wait to check out the latest WM2003 Second Edition enhancements on the device. I will be giving a demonstration of this device at the PSHUG meeting on the 22nd and also working up a review for PDAGeek.

I also received a response back from a Sony Customer Service executive that stated the warranty clearly states it is non-transferable and only valid for the person who has the original retail receipt. So if you are looking for a CLIE on ebay, be aware that you will probably not get any warranty coverage if something happens to the device even if it is only a day old. On the other hand, my PR contact felt I had a good argument and is sending me a UX50 device as a resolution to the matter. I told the Timothy, the guy I bought the whiny UX50 from, to go ahead and cash the check and I’ll keep both UX50 devices. I didn’t want to stick him with a faulty device, especially since he was willing to take it back and was patient with me as I went through the warranty request process. I love the UX50 and am happy to keep a couple since I may be able to salvage from each other as time goes on.

I still have my Tungsten T3 and it is really tough for me to sell it online because it really is a super PDA and I love to use it as well. My PDA collection is stacking up, but there is nothing out there yet that is spurring me to have a fire sale. Yet, that is:)

We may go camping over in Fall City tonight, which is only about an hour away from our house and stay until Sunday. I will just drive into work the next couple of days to avoid burning my leave, since I really do not get much yet at my company. My 11th anniversary is coming Monday along with my middle daughter’s 8th birthday on the same day with Father’s Day on Sunday.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on June 30, 2004 - 15:27

    Hi Matt,
    I have been on vacation and was catching up on your Blog page. You might want to try Kanaskat Palmer State Park. It is on the way to Fall City from your place. It is very beautiful and the park is right on the cedar river. Check it out. Fred DeBerry

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