Palm connected to SPV E200, Sony CLIE explanation, camping trip

I just wanted to say thanks to Lisa Gade from the excellent PDA Buyer’s Guide website who just solved my issue with the SPV E200 and Palm Powered devices trying to connect to the T-Mobile data network. You have to use a Motorola phone profile and string to get the connection made and now I am one happy camper! I have both my T3 and UX50 connecting with the E200 now so I am going to try using the E200 Smartphone with the UX50 for a while. The MDA II is very nice and is serving me well, but it definitely lags in speed compared to Palm Powered devices.

I used my E200 running Mapopolis with my Pharos Bluetooth GPS the other day to get my daughers and me around Seattle and it worked flawlessly. I didn’t try to receive a call or anything at the same time to see how it would react, but it was a very usable GPS/mapping interface.

I just read an interesting article on Brighthand regarding issues surrounding Sony’s decison on CLIE devices. I think the author may have hit on something with the expectations of the public and the mobile device interface. That may also explain why so many of us serious PDA geek enthusiasts liked CLIE device, yet the public overwhelmingly goes for the Zire 71 or 72.

We made it to the campground about 9 pm last night and I got everything setup before hitting the sack and coming into work this morning. It is hot in Western Washington this week and we should have a blast at the campground with great facilities and a large pool. I received the Axim X30 and charged it up last night. I played with it a bit and will be using it a lot this weekend as I prepare for my demonstration at the PSHUG meeting on Tuesday, the 22nd.

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