More on the UX50 – Zaurus C760 trade

I checked out the blurry pics of the C760 that I was sent and the scratch on the outer casing should be fine since I am mainly concerned with the display and keyboard on the device. I am sending the new, non-whining screen UX50, along with the other gear, to the guy I am trading with since I don’t want to pass my loud UX50 on to someone who is making a decent deal. I debated about continuing the trade because the UX50 really is slick and I don’t like the fact that the 760 has no wireless integrated into the device, but requires external cards. He is throwing a CF WiFi card in the deal, so that helps. The 760 still has some Japanese stuff on it and there is no warranty, but then again Sony doesn’t honor warranties to anyone other than the original buyer either so I guess that is the same as if I kep the UX50. Joel said he would probably keep the UX50, but I do enjoy playing with the Linux ROMs on the Zaurus models and if there is anyone I would consider buying then one with hardware close to the UX50 is it. You can check out this excellent PDA Buyer’s Guide review of the Zaurus C760 if you are unfamiliar with the device.

Today is my middle daughter’s 8th birthday and my 11th wedding anniversary so we have a busy couple of days planned with dinners and fun. I am giving a demo of the Dell Axim X30 tomorrow and will be taking my oldest daughter since they always ask to go to the meetings and my middle daughter has her softball awards party.

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