Axim X30 demo, no Reader in ROM, UX50 trade and limited availability

I gave a presentation on WM2003 Second Edition and the Dell Axim X30 High last night at the PSHUG meeting. While preparing, I found that Microsoft Reader was not included in the ROM and at first I was a bit disappointed. Then I realized Dell gives you almost 31MB of ROM to use on the device for storage and remembered that users have had to update Reader a couple of times taking up a couple megs of RAM so I would actually prefer to not have Reader in ROM and make it an option for me to load or not. I actually prefer Mobipocket due to its features and the fact that I can use it on my MS Smartphone, Nokia 3650, Palm devices, and Windows Mobile devices. Do you prefer Reader in ROM or is this a nice touch by Dell?

I just sent off my UX50, new 256MB Memory Stick Pro (I didn’t even get to use it once), and extended battery as part of the trade deal for the Zaurus C760. I am very excited about getting another Zaurus and hope it lives up to my expectations. I did also find an extended battery for my other UX50 (they are very limited everywhere and you can’t generally even find them on ebay) at Fry’s Electronics for $85. I had a chance to buy one of these and a 256 card a couple weeks ago for $100 and am seriously kicking myself now for giving up on that deal:(

I have some more final book edits to do tonight and then plan on cranking up some reviews, including one for the Axim X30.

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