Frustrated with Zaurus C760, PDA collection decisions

I now remember why I had to sell my last Zaurus SL-5500. It was because I spent way too much time, that I don’t have available, monkeying around and tweaking the device to get it working like I needed it to. I still can’t get my Ambicom CF WiFi card working with my SMC Barricade 802.11b router, yet every other device I have works with it with no issues. I am going to be testing a new D-Link 802.11g router soon to see if that has any effect. I have tried every known setting and configuration, but the dang card still just flashes green without getting a connection. I have spent a couple hours searching the forums and trying things to no avail. I am also only a Linux newbie, so I don’t feel too comfortable going into the terminal and editing away with config files and that somewhat limits my ability to get things working. I also have to do some config editing to get the Socket CF Bluetooth card working and am close to giving up and selling the C760. I do love the brilliant display and the keyboard, but if I can’t get wireless working then it is just not worth the cost to keep it.

Along with these Linux frustrations, I think my current collection has grown a little too large and I may be selling some gear to save up for a future device. I now have in my possession the following; Nokia 3650, Orange SPV E200, CLIE UX50, Zaurus SL-C760, Dell Axim X30, MDA II Phone Edition, Tungsten T3, Jornada 720, 10GB 3G iPod, Dick Tracy and Abacus SPOT watches. I cannot give up the dependable Nokia 3650 and it really isn’t worth much since it is locked to T-Mobile and is an older phone. The X30 is a WM2003 Second Edition device so that’s a keeper for now, the MDA II is my main buddy, the 720 is a wonderful writing platform and I have accessories that make it my laptop replacement, the T3 is just nice to have and a wonderful PDA that would get me about $250, the SPV E200 is a great WM2003 Smartphone even though I don’t use it a ton since I have so many other toys, the UX50 is my favorite non-phone PDA ever and I don’t think I can ever give it up again, the C760 has a nice display, is a Linux device with great keyboard, but is also a time sink, I never use my iPod since my music collection is sparse and I enjoy the radio although I do use the iPod to backup stuff from my PC, I wear the Dick Tracy watch almost every day, but never use the Abacus model anymore.

So I may put the C760, T3, and 10GB iPod up for sale and am also considering the E200 and X30. That would leave the UX50, Jornada 720, Nokia 3650 and MDA II. I think I may use the Abacus as a PDAGeek giveaway or PSHUG giveaway instead of trying to sell it. Do any of you readers have advice on what to do? Should I just keep it all since they all have some value? Should I get rid of it all and keep one or two devices?

There is nothing out there right now I want to buy, but I would like to look at the MPx, iPAQ 6300, and MDA III as a replacement for my MDA II. However, the MPx display looks too small, the iPAQ has lower specs, and the MDA III may be just the ticket although I don’t know about the manufacturer quality. I will have to get a Palm Cobalt device, if they are ever released, to review and test stuff for PDAGeek.

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