Zaurus success and update on gear

My PDA plans have changed a bit now that I finally got my Ambicom WiFi card working on the Zaurus. I had to reflash the firmware on the card using my desktop computer and didn’t even know that was possible. I found a link from a discussion on the Zaurus User Group site that was awesome in helping me out. So now I am going to experiment with the 760 some more because the battery life is incredible and the hardware is very nice.

I also realized I have to keep the E200 through at least mid-August because I am judging MS Smartphone software for the Pocket PC Magazine awards. I may sell some other things, but they all are unique and have their uses. Then again, it would be nice to get a bit of cash to get something new for myself for Christmas:)

I hope to crank on some reviews this weekend and plan on using the beta of TextMaker for the Zaurus to write them up. So far the beta seems great and I am happy to see them porting such a powerful application to the Z.

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