What should I do with my PDA collection?

I can’t believe it, but I have had issues with getting my Ambicom WiFi card working again on the Z 760. I found another update to the firmware so I will try this out tonight, but I am getting a bit frustrated and was considering selling the 760. However, it is such a nice piece of hardware and now with the TextMaker beta running on it and the Targus IR keyboard working with it I could use it as a laptop replacement. I have to keep my patience and give it some more time.

I have been going back and forth on what hardware I will be selling or keeping and think the Tungsten T3 and the Jornada 720 may be up for sale soon. I don’t need the T3 with the UX50 and the WiFi of the UX50, along with the keyboard and camera, outweigh the specs of the T3. I have a brown Sena leather case for this device as well and will try to get $250 or so for the device.

The 720 is a very nice piece of hardware in MINT condition and I have the extended battery (3x the life) and an external keyboard, along with a PC WiFi card and cradle so this is one complete package that is tough to let go since I think it makes a great writing platform. Then again, I just never really use it and can’t keep everything hanging around. I may sell this package also and am thinking $450 is fair since the extended battery itself is worth $100 and the keyboard another $50. I bought the PC WiFi card, Orinoco Silver, for $45 too. I also have a nice neoprene carrying case for the 720.

Should I just keep it all or should I clean house and save up for something new? This is the debate that goes on in my head. I have a spreadsheet with an ever increasing number of tabbed sheets listing all my selling/keeping options and am trying to figure out the perfect combination.

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