Zaurus is gone, PDA decision made, Pocket DVD Studio preview

Well, you won’t be reading anymore about my Zaurus struggles for a while on my blog since I just sold it to a reader a short time ago. Even though I had the WiFi connection up and running, I was spending way too much time trying to tweak the device and learn Linux at the same time. I got rid of my previous SL-5500 for the same reason and was hoping the 760 would work out. It is an amazing piece of hardware, but if you don’t feel comfortable with the terminal and doing some tweaks then it will consume you:) I am going to stick with my other devices for now and am actually planning on keeping the T3 as well for my oldest daughter in a year or so. It is too nice of a device to get rid of for $200 and will probably serve her very well as she gets older.

My MDA II is my primary device away from the house, the UX50 is my home device with integrated WiFi, and my Jornada 720 is my laptop replacement and serious writing tool. The E200 and Nokia 3650 smartphones are great for on the go connectivity when I don’t want to carry around a larger device like the MDA II.

So now I really can get back on the review track like I planned. I was just given a code for the new Pocket DVD Studio application and converted LOTR III last night while I slept. I watched part of it on the Axim X30 and my 512MB SD card and was amazed by the quality. I used to spend hours trying to do this myself and most of the time the conversion stopped about 3/4 of the way through. I am doing some more testing, but this application is looking like a serious winner right now.

It looks like Dale Coffing’s Pocket PC Passion site may have bit the dust recently and they may have even lost all their data. That would be quite sad as there was a wealth of information in the forums and it is tough to recover from something like that.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on August 29, 2004 - 12:12

    Where did you get a code for pocket dvd studio?

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