Is the iPaq hx4700 in my future?

Man, is Pavel from PDAGold the luckiest guy in the Pocket PC world or what? He was able to play with the new HP iPAQ hx4700. He also now has me thinking what in the world I can sell to save up enough cash to get one of these babies. I think the price that was on CDW last week (and suspiciously has been pulled from that site) was $649. That is quite steep for a Pocket PC device, but the large memory capacity, 4″ high resolution display, magnesium casing, dual slots, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, WM2003 Second Editon, and 624 MHz processor really have me drooling.

I am still a bit leary about the touchpad though since I personally hate them on laptops and prefer the eraser head on laptops. I think it is a novel idea and hope it actually works well, but I would have been happy with a directional pad too.

I like having a converged Phone Edition device, but I could sell my MDA II and almost afford the hx4700 so I will have to do some real self evaluation soon.

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