Yes, I am crazy! The hx4700 is now ordered

OK, if you have been reading my blog you were under the impression I was stable for a while and would wait until another Phone Edition came out. Well dang it, I couldn’t resist the hx4700 from eCost at $563 so I placed my order early this morning before work. FedEx overnight was only $10 and rumors have them shipping out Friday or Monday. I am justifying this purchase by selling off all my Jornada 720 gear and making this my new writing platform combined with my slim Think Outside IR keyboard. I may have to update the keyboard to the Bluetooth model though. I hope the 4705 does ship soon so I could show it to the PSHUG group next Tuesday!

If you are interested in a Jornada 720 package I have a MINT Jornada 720 and neoprene carrying case, NEW docking cradle, Orinoco PC WiFi card, Socket CF Bluetooth card, regular battery and new extended life (3x) battery, and an external keyboard with case. This gear is easily worth over $650, but I am asking only $500.

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