Status of 720 and new iPAQs on Monday

I receved an offer and accepted it for 3 pieces of my Jornada package from a very nice woman in Australia and thus my 720 package has been trimmed down. Here is the ad I placed on various forums and you can see that the total is down to only $300:

I have a MINT Jornada 720 and neoprene carrying case, NEW docking cradle and cables, and Socket CF Bluetooth card that I am selling. This gear is easily worth over the $400 I paid in the last couple months (much more for original costs), but I am asking only $300. I only charge actual shipping wherever you are located throughout the world and I accept PayPal in most cases. If you are interested, please contact me at palmsoloATgeekDOTcom. I can send photos if you like.

I just saw that 4 new HP iPAQ devices are set to be announced on Monday and am sure the 4700 will be one of them. You know my college football number was 47 and that is my favorite number so I think the 4700 is the PERFECT device for me:) It also seems like I may have to cancel my order since their new date shows 3-4 weeks and the price was bumped up about $30. I had to buy my 4350 from HP directly last fall since they were the only ones stocking it so I may go back to HP on Monday morning and place my order.

  1. #1 by Sue McKoy on July 24, 2004 - 04:53

    Thank you for calling me “a very nice woman in Australia”. You have introduced me to blogging, I will need to read a bit more about it first though, before I start my own page. All the best, Sue

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